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Microsoft Project 2019 Pro License Key


✅Works on both 32/64 bits Operating Systems.
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Microsoft Project 2019 Pro License Key:

Microsoft Project 2019 is project management software that is used by businesses to manage, organize, and control the flow of projects. It includes built-in templates for common business projects such as commercial construction and engineering. With its adaptable features, teams can keep track of their projects and work smoothly from start to finish. Budgeting is a powerful feature of Microsoft Project that allows managers to estimate the cost of their projects. It also has interactive dashboards and reporting features that promote transparency and trust between the team and the client. Best of all, the software can be deployed both in the cloud and on-premises, enabling remote teams to work effectively.

What’s new in MP Professional 2019?

Microsoft Project Professional 2019 has been enhanced, and users will enjoy improved functionality. Subscribers will automatically receive the new features, but non-subscribers will need to purchase the next version first. These modifications are in store for software users.

  • Tasks are linked using a drop-down menu

This is without a doubt one of the best changes to Microsoft Project ever made. Users no longer need to remember the task ID to which they want to link. Simply navigate to the Predecessors column, click the down arrow, and find the list of tasks. Strategically, the order and task hierarchy are the same as in the project, allowing users to quickly scroll to the desired task. Similarly, users can find the tasks in the Successors column.

the drop-down menu for task linking

  • Task Summary Name field for resource usage

Users will no longer be perplexed as to which task is being listed. For example, having multiple tasks in a project with the same name but in different phases makes identifying the specific task in question difficult. The task summary name field can be added with the new feature, and it displays the phases of these tasks.

Task summary name field can be added

  • Timeline bar labels make progress tracking easier

Microsoft Project Professional 2019 has greatly simplified communication and progress tracking. It allows users to label timeline bars and display task progress right next to them. When teams present the status of their project, it can indicate whether or not it has been completed. It can also indicate who the bar is intended for.

Timeline bar can be labelled.

  • Accessibility improvements

This enhancement is without a doubt one of the best made by Microsoft. MS Project 2019 promotes the interaction of assistive technology products with the software because it supports Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA). A screen reader software for the visually impaired is an example of this.

In the case of Microsoft Project Professional 2019, the color name is provided, which is useful for colorblind users. Colored features can also be changed. The app’s navigation has also been simplified, with users now able to navigate using the keyboard rather than the mouse. Furthermore, users can now zoom in and out of the reports as needed.


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Microsoft Project 2019 Pro License Key
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