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✅Works on both 32/64 bits Operating Systems.
✅Genuine Key
✅One key per computer.
✅Delivery: Product Key will be delivered by Email Instantly after purchase!
✅Key valid for Windows 10 Home only.

Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit from Microsoft :

For the Modern Population, a One-Stop Operating System :

Microsoft Windows operating systems have long been regarded as the reliable choice for providing cosy and streamlined personal computer operations. The newest release from Microsoft, Windows 10, comes with a number of intriguing features that have completely changed the game.
A large number of “universal apps,” expanding on Metro-style programmes, are introduced in Microsoft Windows 10 Home edition 64-bit. Therefore, these applications can be created using closely related, same code to work across a variety of Microsoft product families, including tablets, PCs, smartphones, Xbox One, embedded devices, Surface Hub, and Mixed Reality. This is just a portion of the quick and simple services that this operating system may provide for its consumers.

Features :

Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition’s key components for multiple platforms :

It is crucial to be aware that the Universal Windows Platform has replaced the Windows Runtime app ecosystem (UWP). The universal apps are designed to work on a variety of platforms and device types, including tablets, smartphones, Xbox One consoles, and other Windows 10 compatible devices. Additionally, Windows apps have adaptable designs that adjust to the requirements of the device as well as the inputs provided. They also share code across several platforms. These apps may also synchronise data between Windows 10 devices, including login information, notifications, and the ability to play games across different platforms.

Microsoft Store :
The existence of a Windows Store is like a blessing on Windows 10. An integrated marketplace for apps, movies and television, and groove music is provided via the Windows Store. Additionally, web applications and desktop programmes may be packaged for sale on the Windows Store when used with Windows 10 Home version.

Adjustment to the Start Menu :
The Start menu is offered in a new form in Windows 10 Home. The left side of this displays a list of locations and other options, and the right side displays apps represented by tiles. Additionally, the menu can be shrunk or even stretched to fill the entire screen. In Tablet mode, this specific option is available by default.

Object View :
All open windows are shown in Task View, which also enables users to transition between different workspaces. It’s interesting to note that Windows Store applications that could previously only be used in full screen mode can now be used in standalone windows alongside other programmes. Additionally, windows may now be easily dragged to a corner to separate them into screen quadrants. The Task View occurs when a window is snapped to one side of the screen, and the user is then prompted to choose another window to occupy the empty space on the other side.

Windows 10 Home Edition 64-bit’s adaptability :

The user interface of Windows 10 can be configured to change depending on the device being used and the various input methods. It has two distinct user interface modes, one that is suited for keyboard and mouse use and the other called “Tablet mode,” which is made for touchscreen devices. Users can choose to switch between these two modes whenever they want, and Windows can do so automatically in certain circumstances. For example, it may switch between the two modes when a 2-in-1 PC is switched to its laptop mode or when a tablet’s tablet mode is disabled when a keyboard or mouse is plugged in. It’s crucial to be aware that the programmes’ default view when in Tablet mode is maximised.
Such features are quite helpful for users to manage work quickly and securely from any Windows 10 compatible electronic device.

Why should you buy the Home version of Windows 10?

  • Windows 10 is made to transfer easily between different electronic devices. It is renowned for being responsive and speedy. The customer can also get free phone or chat support from actual people.
  • Windows 10 combines fantastic upgrades with the Windows you already know. You may rapidly pump up and resume thanks to features like InstantGo. Additionally, Windows 10 has built-in security tools that guard against malicious applications.
  • With the capacity to simultaneously snap four objects at the screen, multitasking is easy. Create virtual desktops as well to get extra space and use the tools of your choosing. Rest easy knowing that all of your settings and notifications
  • the brand-new browser created to make the web function the way you want it to. On web pages, you can directly write or type, and you can share your annotations with others. The distraction-free reading view will appeal to you. Additionally, the address bar has been upgraded to make it easier to find stuff.
  • Your Windows 10 device would personally identify and acknowledge your presence. Your device now greets you by name and illuminates in recognition thanks to Windows Hello. Consequently, this feature eliminates the need to type or remember a password.

system prerequisites :


  • Processor speed: at least 1GHz
  • Amount of free hard drive space: 1 GB for 32-bit; 2 GB for 64-bit; 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher; up to 20 GB RAM.
  • Internet access and a DirectX® 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver
  • For some functionality, a Microsoft account is required. Additionally, special playback software is needed for playing DVDs.

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  1. oxygao

    La licence ainsi que le mode d’emploi sont envoyés par mail très rapidement (en moins de 2 heures).
    En prenant bien le temps de lire les consignes et d’utiliser le matériel adapté, j’ai réussi l’installation du 1er coup et mon ordinateur est fonctionnel.
    Produit conforme à la description, très bon achat.

  2. tarentuel36

    Produkt entspricht der Beschreibung, sehr guter Kauf.
    Sehr einfache Installation, ich empfehle diesen Artikel

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